Fundo Refugio K'erenda Homet

We are a family of descendants of the first inhabitants who populated this bountiful territory, our parents arrived in the dawn of birth of our region (1910) from Cusco and Arequipa, crossing areas of indescribable scenic beauty, starting with the mountainous area of Limbani in Puno (tirapata) down to the Amazonian plain, facing vicissitudes due to the presence of uncontacted native brothers among them the mythical Native Leader Ese'eja SHAJAO, who constantly ravaged those who dared to enter because their territory is what today is the Bahuaja National Park Sonene and the Tambopata National Reserve.

They settled on the left bank of the river Tambopata, since then they have managed a farm that was first livestock until the last of the 8 brothers (Víctor Zambrano Gonzales) in 1986 decided to transform this space through an agroforestry system adapting it to a futuristic vision, tending to attract wild fauna, for this I incorporate wild genetic resources to the development of its farm, with 60% of fruit trees (native and exotic) and 40% of timber and medicinal products progressively saw the results, and after 27 years of the latter experience was installed 120 species and more than 20,000 forest trees and 3,000 specimens of flowers and tropical foliage, this new scenario has allowed the presence of National and foreign Journalists as well as foundations, International, National and Regional Authorities, in the same way scientists, students university students, secondary and primary students, national and foreign tourists s to conduct studies, Environmental Education, guided tours, as well as accommodation framed in COMMUNITY RURAL TOURISM.

In 2010, the Ministry of the Environment recognizes the Fundo Kerenda Homet Refuge as a Private Conservation Area, in accordance with the law of protected areas of Peru.
At present, the species that transit and inhabit the farm have been monitored with amazing results due to the abundance of birds, mammals, ophidians, batrachians, fish, insects, etc.